Broker group of choice report

The Broker Group of Choice reports give broker groups and aggregators visibility on the perceptions of mortgage brokers towards Australia’s leading broker groups and aggregators.

Our clients use this report to analyse their position in the recruitment market to ensure they are able to continue to satisfy their existing brokers and guide their strategy in a direction that will encourage brokers to join their group.

The questionnaire for this research is conducted annually in partnership with The Adviser in October each year via The Adviser’s Aggregator Sentiment survey with the results available from November. The questionnaire surveys mortgage brokers across Australia on their attitudes towards their current aggregator over a number of key performance areas and their priorities if they were to switch groups.

The results of the questionnaire are analysed by our market research professionals to produce the Broker Group of Choice report that provide granular detail into the performance of Australia’s leading broker groups and aggregators, detailed profiles of brokers likely to switch and the state of the recruitment market.

…While brokers are generally satisfied, they are looking for a broker group that has a strong technology platform with trail portability wrapped up with a foundation of a positive culture. Although there are difficulties in switching broker groups, many brokers are looking to take the leap in the near future.
— Broker Group of Choice 2018