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Combining the attitudes, perceptions and priorities of Australian financial advice customers to uncover best practice in how advisers interact, communicate and engage with their customers. Register now to distribute the survey to your clients.

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Survey respondent demographics

311 non-advice clients

1,008 advice clients


advice clients by income

advice clients by generation

Non-advice clients by income

Non-advice clients by generation

Be customer-centric and improve your client experience.

The ‘Client experience survey’ has been designed to help financial advisers across Australia become more customer-centric. This survey has been created in conjunction with financial advisers, licensees and advice clients to identify market opportunities within an adviser’s own pool of customers and the macro trends of advice clients across Australia.

Understand your clients’ needs with access to your unique results

Understanding your customers’ attitudes, preferences and priorities to identify gaps between what you’re currently doing and the client’s expectations can have tangible impacts on the ultimate success of a business.

By registering, each adviser will receive a unique ID that will connect their client’s responses to their profile. At the conclusion of the survey, advisers will be able to use this unique ID to access an interactive data portal to reveal their results at no cost.

Learn the strategies, techniques and tactics to apply your insights by
attending the ifa Masterclass

While understanding what your customers are saying is important, it is just a snapshot of the greater market. By combining the experiences of advice clients from across Australia through the Client experience survey, the ifa Masterclass will reveal the overarching trends, opportunities and challenges that are uncovered in the research and how they can apply these insights to improve their client experience.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

+ How can i participate?

If you're an adviser, you can register by following the button below. During the registration process, we'll ask you for your contact information and a bit more about your business so we can return the results to you. If you're a licensee, you can invite your advisers to participate by sharing this web page with them or by sending them directly to the registration page.

If you're a customer of an adviser, we ask that you contact them for their unique link to the survey.

+ How long will the survey take?

The survey should take no longer than 9 minutes for your clients to complete depending on their answer choices.

+ What questions are in the survey?

The survey is based around five pillars of the client experience; lead generation & marketing, engagement & communication, products & services, fees & remuneration and reputation & culture. You can view the survey questions here.

+ How many clients should I send this to?

We recommend distributing this survey to as many of your clients as possible to maximise the number of responses you receive via your unique ID.

+ How do i know how many have completed it?

Each Monday throughout the survey collection period we will send an email to you detailing how many partial and completed responses you've received via your unique ID.

+ What information will be collected from my clients?

No personal details will be collected or stored from you clients at any point throughout the Client experience survey. The only information that will be collected is their answers to the subject matter and demographic data to help us better segment their responses.

+ How will I access my results?

Each of the responses received through your unique link will be available to view at the conclusion of the survey via an online, interactive data portal.

+ When will the results be available?

Registration is open until the 30th of June 2019. However, The survey collection period is will close on the 26th of July with the results to be available on the 31st July. Please note: This timeline is subject to change.

+ What is the ifa Masterclass?

The ifa Masterclass is an educational event, to be held in September 2019, that will showcase the summary results of the Client experience survey. Specialists and experts will help you understand these insights and provide you with strategies, tactics and techniques to use the insights in your business.

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