Research reports

Client experience survey

The Client experience survey is designed to help financial advisers be more customer-centric. The survey explores the client experience from finding their adviser to their perceptions around trust and culture.

The summary results of the survey will be used as the foundation of the ifa Masterclass, an educational event for advisers to understand the expectations of advice clients so that they can better position their business to succeed.

Dealer group of choice

The Dealer Group of Choice is coming in 2019.

The annual performance review of Australia’s financial advice licensees.
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Bespoke research engagements

Momentum Intelligence’s end-to-end research offering is a turnkey research program that will help you better understand your customers, clients and stakeholders. The program is designed to give you full access to our experienced team through survey creation and consultation through to designing and managing the media campaign to analysis by our market research professionals. Contact us to find out more information.