Highlights from 2018's Legal Firm of Choice report

In the 2018 Legal Firm of Choice report surveyed legal professionals are generally satisfied with their legal firm, with just over half indicating that they are very satisfied. However there remains a small proportion who are ambivalent or dissatisfied working for their current firm.

Satisfaction Levels Among Legal Firms

Only 12% of firms currently dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their current legal firm, with the vast majority of firms very content with their legal firm of choice. This doesn’t seem to vary much across time with firm, time in the profession or how many partners, with state being the only area where a change in dissatisfaction can be seen. Although even though state is the biggest indicator of dissatisfaction, there is still an overwhelming amount of satisfaction, going to show the high levels of satisfaction of law firms across Australia.

Satisfaction Levels Among States (%)

Australian Capital Territory leads the way in dissatisfaction for law firms in Australia, while Western Australia has zero very dissatisfied with their current law firm. While it also seems that the position held in the firm doesn’t have much of a bearing on the satisfaction of a firm with figures relatively level across the position, with special counsel having the highest level of dissatisfaction by a relatively low margin.