Quarterly update : Small Business Confidence Index (FY2019 Q2)

Quarterly update : Small Business Confidence Index (FY2019 Q2)

After a hard end to 2018, in the early stages of 2019, we have seen increased profitability, cash flow and revenue than the previous quarter. This is reflected with the small business confidence on the rise. Hence the small business sector expecting continued increases in revenue, cash flow and profitability for the coming period.
— O Stofka

The SME confidence index is generated by the number of positive forecasts subtracted by the number of negative forecasts, leaving a result that is indicative of how the market is feeling overall. As long as the number stays at a positive as opposed to a negative, there is a general feeling of optimism throughout the market.

Small Business Confidence Index

The downwards trend in optimism finally ends in 2019 with a rise in the small business confidence index after the rough start to the year. This increase in optimism has a correlation with the increased profitability to businesses in the first quarter of 2019, after the end of 2018 was awful for business and the forecast for the start of 2019 reflects this. However, the one bad quarter doesn’t seem to have had a lasting effect on the market, with most of small businesses getting back on their feet.

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