Revealed: Australia's most attractive law firms

Revealed: Australia's most attractive law firms

The Legal Firm of Choice report found that Herbert Smith Freehills is the most attractive law firm for legal professionals in Australia.

Top Attraction Firms - Top 10

Apart from the vast majority of people who are unsure about where to go, there is a tight competition when it comes to where people would go in the event, that they left their firm. Herbert Smith Freehills was picked as the highest rated attraction firm by people employed in the legal profession nationally.

Drivers Behind the Attraction to a Firm

Legal Professionals were surveyed on what they found to the be biggest driver in what attracted them to a firm. They ranked these from very important to not important at all, 100% being the most important and 0% being not important at all.

It is found that the main drivers behind the attraction to a firm are the culture at the firm and engaging work. These were most commonly rated as very important, mentioned by over 90% of respondents. The graduate program of a firm was the least looked at driver when comparing attraction firms. Opportunities for career advancement is also very important to just over half of respondents.