Analysis: Comparing the results of 2018's major and non-major banks research

Analysis: Comparing the results of 2018's major and non-major banks research

The Third Party Lending Report for the Non-Major Banks reveals the sentiment of brokers in regards to the banks with a ranking of the banks on how the broker feels they performed with reference to a variety of performance metrics. The metrics are ranked from 1-5 with 5 being the best, this performance rating has a direct effect on the amount of business a broker takes to the banks.

The increased performance from the Non-Major Banks again in 2018 is reflected in the broker sentiment for 2018. The increase is continuing the trend of the Non-Major Banks taking market share from the Major Banks and hence reducing the flows that go to the Major Banks through the broker channel
— M Johnson

Average Overall Sentiment towards Non-Major Banks

After the year of 2014, the Non-Major banks have continuously increased their performance, increasing the broker sentiment year after year. While 2018 has a relatively small decline, the overall sentiment remains strong. This average sentiment will be reflected in the flows that the Non-Major banks receive through the broker channel.

Non-Major Banks sentiment score

The gap between the Non-Major banks and the Major banks continues to expand. In 2017, the gap was hovering around 9.3%, this gap continues through the 2018, even with the relative decline of the Non-Major banks, the gap between overall sentiment sits at just under 13%. It seems that this trend away from the Major Banks and into the Non-Major sector will continue into the future.