Market intelligence – more than a buzzword, it’s the way forward.

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What is market intelligence?

Market Intelligence is the process of gathering and analysing information relevant to a company’s market for the purpose of making accurate and confident decisions relating to strategic directions.

Market intelligence involves gathering data from the company’s external environment, such as customers, referrals or other stakeholders. Whereas, Business intelligence primarily is based on internal recorded events – such as sales, shipments and purchases. The purpose of incorporating market intelligence into the Business Intelligence process is to provide decision makers with a more “complete picture” of ongoing corporate performance in a set of given market conditions.

How do we do it?

Through our partnership with Momentum Media, we are able to survey audiences on their attitudes, perceptions and priorities towards brands, intermediaries and ideas. With this information we produce robust, dynamic and powerful competitive analysis and benchmarking tools that our clients can use to analyse their performance and predict future trends.

Our process involves three steps:

1.      Acquisition - Engaging respondents

Our deep understanding of complex markets enables as well as acting from a neutral stand point means we’re able to eliminate bias and maximise respondent engagement.

2.      Analysing – Analysing and interpreting the data

Our market research experts apply a range of statistical and text analysis to bring the most potent insights to the forefront.

3.      Action – Helping you action the insights.

We work closely with our clients through-out their engagement whether it be a bespoke project or a Momentum Intelligence initiative, to ensure that our clients are able to access, digest and act on the insights they receive.

How can we help you?

We know that businesses are able to succeed when they listen, consider and react to their customer and stakeholder feedback. Our market intelligence gives you the opportunity to do just that.

Whether your company is looking to grow, maintain or launch into new markets, we can provide you with the market perceptions towards your business and the business of your competitors to ensure you can make your next decision with confidence.


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