The resource for attracting and retaining Australia’s most talented legal professionals.

Combining the attitudes, perceptions & priorities of legal professionals across Australia to guide talent attraction and retention strategies for legal firms and recruitment agencies. Disclaimer: This survey is completely anonymous and no personal details are collected or shared with third-parties, whatsoever.


Initiate change in your organisation.

The insights in the Legal Firm of Choice allow you to benchmark, reveal and demonstrate your business’ strengths and weaknesses to help you attract and retain talent. Use this research to develop, reflect and correct your acquisition strategy.


Understand the factors that drive satisfaction in legal professionals.

Are you certain that your initiatives are improving employee satisfaction? Use our key driver analysis tool to uncover the factors that will have the greatest impact on employee satisfaction and where you time and energy is best spent.

Benchmark your internal results against the industry.

Many organisations conduct internal employee satisfaction surveys either internally or via a third-party provider. Enhance the utility of your internal research by comparing it to the Legal Firm of Choice to truly understand what your results mean in the context of one Australia’s most competitive talent attraction markets.

Identify the market-leading attraction firms.

The Legal Firm of Choice produces the most enviable list of Australia’s legal industry, the Lawyers Weekly Top 25 Attraction firms. This ranking of Australia’s most attractive law firms gives users of this report a fundamental base value to quantify the drivers of attraction.

Understand attitudinal differences across demographics.

There are significant differences between various subsets of the data. You can use this to your advantage by filtering the results to bring your most important insights to the forefront. We allow you to compare the results of the survey across gender, age, location, job role, practice area, years of experience and time with current firm.

Analyse trends across a five-year period.

By purchasing the 2019 Legal Firm of Choice report you gain access to the last five years of insights to help you analyse trends over time. With over 2 million data points, you have access to the complete history of the Legal Firm of Choice survey.

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