The annual performance review of Australia’s leading real estate groups.

Combining the attitudes, perceptions & priorities of real estate professionals across Australia to help business leaders create, maintain and grow real estate groups, franchises and offices using data-driven insights..


An independent survey of real estate professionals conducted in collaboration with Real Estate Business.

What is this survey about?

The Real Estate Group of Choice survey explores the relationship and interactions you have with your real estate group or office to quantify their performance against leading real estate groups in Australia.

Who is behind this survey?

Momentum Intelligence and Real Estate Business, Australia's leading real estate publication visited daily by thousands of real estate professionals like you.

Who should participate?

The survey is open to real estate agencts, principals, property managers and administrators across Australia. All responses are anonymous and will be analysed in an aggregate manner.

How long will it take?

This multiple-choice survey will take five minutes to complete.