We have access to the most engaged legal audience via our partnership with Lawyers Weekly and can shed light on the issues affecting legal professionals in today’s market.

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Our major research initiatives

Legal Firm of Choice

The Legal Firm of Choice reports are designed to give law firms and legal recruitment firms visibility on the perceptions of legal professionals towards their current firm and their priorities when looking for a role.

Our clients use this report to analyse their position in the recruitment market to ensure they are able to continue to satisfy their existing employees and guide their strategy in a direction that will attract other legal professionals to their firm.

The questionnaire for this research is conducted annually in partnership with Lawyers Weekly in June each year via Legal Firm of Choice survey with the results available from August. The questionnaire surveys legal professionals across Australia on their attitudes towards their current firm over a number of key performance areas and their priorities if they were to switch firms.

The results of the questionnaire are analysed by our market research professionals to produce the Legal Firm of Choice report that provides granular detail into the performance of Australia’s leading legal firms, detailed profiles of brokers likely to switch and the state of the recruitment market.

If you’re interested in finding out more or purchasing a copy of the most recent report, follow the relevant link below. Alternatively, if you have any questions, please complete the contact us form below and a consultant will be in touch shortly.

Bespoke research engagements

Beyond our major research initiatives, Momentum Intelligence offers bespoke solutions for clients looking to undertake research with Momentum Media’s audiences. Momentum Intelligence’s end-to-end research offering is a turnkey research program that will help you better understand your customers, clients and stakeholders. The program is designed to give you full access to our experienced team through survey creation and consultation through to designing and managing the media campaign to analysis by our market research professionals.

Our team’s deep understanding of our audiences, respondent behaviour and research methodologies will be employed throughout the project to maximise survey engagement through effective media campaigns and a succinct self-administered questionnaire to deliver robust and reputable market research report that can be used to develop strategic roadmaps, guide market campaigns or generate research-based content.

If you would like to hear more about our bespoke research offering, please complete the contact form and a consultant will be in touch shortly.