Third-Party Lending report


The Third-Party Lending report is the annual performance review of Australia’s mortgage lenders. It provides detailed insights into the operational performance of lenders in Australia’s third-party distribution channel.

It is produced from the Third-Party Lending survey which engages mortgage brokers across Australia to rate the performance each lender’s service offering across a range of attributes.

The purpose of this research

The purpose of this research is to enable business leaders with the latest mortgage broker insights on their business and their competitors.

The robust quantitative research methods adopted by our research professionals help our clients to make informed decisions backed by quantitative data.

This research is used for a range of purposes including:

  • Competitive benchmarking

  • Evaluating customer experiences

  • Guiding strategic planning, and;

  • Developing deeper customer profiles

Included in this report:

  • Performance ratings of all lenders (including major banks, non-major banks and select non-bank lenders)

  • The importance ratings of factors that influence brokers to recommend lenders to their customers

  • Gap analysis between the performance and importance rating of each lenders.

  • Year-on-year trend analysis of performance and importance ratings.

  • Demographic breakout analysis of performance and importance ratings

Delivery of this report:

  • Presentation to key stakeholders

  • Summary findings report (PDF)

  • Digital data set