Third-party lending report

The annual performance review of Australia’s mortgage lenders.

Combining the attitudes, perceptions & priorities of over 1,000 mortgage brokers to create a powerful competitive analysis tool. Access deep insights to help you make better decisions in the third-party distribution channel.


Research with a purpose.

The report is produced from the Third-Party Lending survey which engages mortgage brokers across Australia to rate the performance each lender’s service offering across a range of attributes. It is designed to give mortgage broker an opportunity to share their experiences with lenders over the past twelve months to positively shape their experiences in the future.

The attitudes, preferences and priorities of mortgage brokers are combined with a deep understanding of market research methodologies and technology to deliver a intuitive competitive analysis tool for lenders in the third-party distribution channel.

Applying it to the real world.

Our research is developed closely with business leaders to ensure it can help them make progress towards their strategic goals. We understand that the one of the primary strategic objectives of lenders is growing their flow of volumes and can demonstrate that our research delivers insights that represent the reality the marketplace in the ‘real world’.

Access the results to strengthen your proposition.

We make it easy for you to understand how your business and its competitors are performing in the dynamic mortgage lending market.
Our research is delivered through an intuitive user-controlled digital platform that makes it simple for you to access the insights you need.

Understand your position in the market.

Uncover the comparative performance of 30 lenders across seventeen metrics to understand your position in the market.

Find out which areas you are performing above or below market average to reveal your competitive strengths and weaknesses in the third-party channel.

Individual performance ratings2.png

View who’s most important to you.

The user-controlled digital platform lets you filter to select the lenders, attributes, demographics or categories that matter most to you.

You can select your closest competitors and compare your performance across all attributes or just a single one.

This feature is new to this year’s research and is bound to make it even easier for you to use the insights to improve your business.



Prioritise your next move with confidence.

By combining the importance and importance ratings you can reveal unique road maps for each individual lender.

It can be used to identify your strengths and weaknesses or those of your competitors and is one of the most critical insights this research offers.

Segment your performance.

Interested in how well you are performing across Australia’s aggregators?

You can filter both the performance ratings and influencing factors by aggregators, broker location, a broker’s years of experience or average monthly loan volumes.

Segment your performance across these demographics to uncover your strongest (or weakest) markets.

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